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Classes we offer


Our Pre School programme is great way to get your child into the sport of gymnastics at a early age. Our Pre School classes are split into 3 categories; Giraffe 18months – 4 years  (stay and play), Zebra 2-3 years (semi structured) and Impala 3-4 years (Structured). Our dedicated coaches on these session all hold the same key values of making gymnastics fun, safe and a happy environment.  Our Coaches are trained through British Gymnastics Pre School course and help develop the gymnasts using SPLICE. S-Social and emotional development, P – Physical development, L- Language, I-Inquisitive, C-Create, E-Educate


Our Tots programme is the next step from our Pre School classes. This session in a fully independent structured session for children 4-6years old. On these sessions they learn the core and basic skills for apparatus. We follow a range of schemes which make the session fun, enjoyable and also a change to earn certificates to show their progress. We follow British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Scheme and the National Gymnastics Award Programme.

General Gymnastics

General Gymnastics is a great way to be introduced to the sport of Gymnastics. Our General Gymnastics classes compliment our Artistic programmes and are used as a pathway for selected gymnasts to join our artistic team. Theses session are for children aged 4 and above. On these session we teach children the basic apparatus work while also incorporating schemes such as the Core Proficiency Scheme and Advanced Proficiency Scheme. These gymnasts also receive the opportunity to enter into competitions but these are not compulsory. Our General Gymnasts classes train from 1 – 4 hours a week.

Womans Artistic

Womans Artistc gymnastics is an Olympic sport. Our Womans Artistic Programme is an intense and competitive programme for selected gymnast to join our Pre-Development, Development and Squad teams to compete at regional and national competitions. Through this programme gymnasts are not only trained on the four apparatuses; Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor but are also taught grace, poise and how to dance as well as building up their overall strength and flexibility.  Our Womans Artistic Gymnasts train between 4-10 hours a week.

Mens Artistic

Men's Artistic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport which involves 6 pieces of apparatus; Floor, Pommel, Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars and High Bar. It is our aim to build an intense and competitive programme for boys in our local area who wish to compete regionally and nationally. During these session the boys will be trained on all 6 of the Olympic apparatuses. 

Disability Gymnastics

Our bespoke disability programme is tailored to the gymnast as an individual and not just their additional needs. As we are a fully inclusive club we do not have a designated disability session. We involve the gymnasts is our main session and have a 1-2-1 coach work along side them. We have our main sessions or for the children who have more phial disabilities we have our rebound session, which incorporates using a trampoline to build muscle tone, balance, spacial awareness, body awareness and much more.



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