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Welcome to the Parties section!

Does your child love Gymnastics? Why not try a party at Eclipse Gymnastics Centre. Our parties are tailored to each child dependant on their age with a range of activities such as, games, obstacle courses and a chance to go on our equipment supported by our qualified coaches.

Our parties are 90 minutes long with a maximum number of 20 including the birthday child and siblings. The first hour consists of activities in the main gym with the last half an hour upstairs so the children can eat.

The cost of our parties are as followed;


 1 - Party Games, obstacle course and time on the equipment 

 2 - Party Games, obstacle course and time on the equipment plus food provided by us



Please note, The amount of children included in these options are 15, for extra it will be £10 per child for option 1 and £15 per child for Option 2.


We also require a deposit for Option 1 and 2. Option 1 requires a £20 Deposit and Option 2 Requires a £50 Deposit

Please contact us to check for availability to book one of our parties. We kindly ask that if you are wanting to book option 2 please book your party a minimum of 6 weeks in advanced.



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