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At Eclipse Gymnastic Centre we pride ourselves with a clean and safe facility. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard and as a club we are proud of our replace with new scheme of replacing old equipment when possible with new equipment to maintain the highest level of safety for all of our members.


The beam is a cube/rectangular object used in women’s artistic gymnastics, measuring 5m in length and just 10cm wide. Beams are usually made of leather like material, but once upon a time they were polished wood, luckily for todays gymnasts this material was banned as it was thought to be too slippery! When learning new skills gymnasts will often learn on the lower beams that are the same dimensions as the higher ones and once confident in the skill progress it up onto the high beam.

Sprung Floor

Used by both male and female gymnasts in their artistic routines.  A sprung floor allows the gymnasts to have a softer landing while also enabling them to gain extra height when tumbling.  Women will perform their floor routine to music and often includes dance type moves to link the different skills together.  Men do not perform to music, and will demonstrate their skills utilizing the floor to show tumbles, twists, handstands and achieve great height when doing so.

High Bar

The high bar is a piece of equipment used by our male gymnasts.  It is a steel bar that is parallel to the floor.  Suede gloves are often worn whilst using this equipment to help prevent tears to the palms.  The high bar is a great event and demonstrates a gymnasts skills, strength, agility and power.

Parallel Bars (P-Bars)

This piece of equipment is part of the floor apparatus used by male gymnasts.  It consists of two wooden bars around 11ft long standing at approximately hand height.  A typical performance will involve swinging skills in a hands on supported position, an upper arm position resting on the inner bicep, hold skills in a L shape or handstand.  All routines will end with a powerful dismount.


The rings are used by male artistic gymnasts, this piece of equipment requires extreme upper body strength.  Routines are performed through a series of swings, strength, and hold elements. You may have seen elements such as the Iron Cross being performed.  This is executed by extending both arms straight out from the sides of the body whilst suspended up to 2.8m above the floor.  A real test of a gymnasts strength and skill.

Uneven Bars

The uneven or asymmetric bars, is an artistic gymnasts apparatus usually used by female gymnasts.   The bars can be placed at different height and widths allowing for the different heights of gymnasts.  Routines usually include spinning, jumping, swinging and are used in a series of technical challenging skills.  It is not uncommon for gymnasts to rip their palms when training on the uneven bars.  This is a fabulous event to watch in competitions.


An essential piece of equipment used in both male and female gymnastics.  It is used alongside many other pieces of equipment to propel a gymnast who jumps.  This is vital at a vault event and is commonly used to mount the beam and uneven bars


Both male and female gymnasts use the vault and associated vault run.  To perform on the vault the gymnast will run down the vault run, hurdle onto a springboard and perform a series of moves over the vault landing on mats on the other side.  The vault moves can be a simple handspring over, through to a complex series of moves including ones from the Yurchenko family.

Wall Bars

Wall Bars are used as a training aid to condition the body for the sport of gymnastics. They are used to help aid strength building for the bars and are also used with flexibility exercises to help with leaps and splits.


We have a couple of ropes that are used at or club to help build strength. The gymnasts climb up they in a multitude of mays to build strength and stamina.

Other Training Aides

At Eclipse we have a multitude of attentional training aids such as blocks, mats and paralettes. We uses all this equipment to build progressive stations for all apparatus to help gymnasts progress with in the sport and learn new skills. Our mats are also used for safety purposes to pad apparatus when gymnasts are learning news skills or are not at confident on an apparatus.



250 King Edward Street
N E Lincolnshire
DN31 3JX

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