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Little bit about us.

Eclipse Gymnastics Centre (EGC) was established in 2023 with the core values of being a fun, friendly and inclusive environment to all who come to us. It is our mission to provide high quality, supportive training to all our gymnasts, in an environment conducive to happy, healthy, stimulating and challenging training.

We are passionate about working hard to train and inspire our coaches to help the next generation of gymnasts that come through the door. All of coaches are trained to a high standards through a variety of courses to enable the gymnasts to have the best experience with us. We are working on our coach development to enable the club to expand the number of sessions we run throughout the year to address the demand for this amazing sport.

EGC offers a range of gymnastic disciplines including Women’s & Men’s Artistic, and Adult Gymnastics and Pre School Gymnastics for those who would like to give gymnasts a try.

Anyone is welcome to come and visit the club, to meet the coaching staff and see what we are all about, we are very proud of our club and facilities.

Where are we?
We are based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire offering access to Gymnastics, and fitness activities for children and adults of all abilities at an affordable rate.

Managed as a Not-for-profit business the company uses funds raised to further the aims of the club – for example purchasing new equipment, assisting with coach education or subsiding event costs for gymnasts.

We receive no long term funding from the Local Authority to meet our running costs. As a result all of our operating costs are met exclusively by the fees from our members, the dedication, time and commitment from our volunteers and through the fundraising efforts of the club, staff and parents.


Club Targets
To provide a dedicated building or space for Gymnastics in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and the surrounding areas, acting as a central hub for the club including multi-discipline competitive squad training and coaching education.

To expand the gymnastic club floor space to allow access for a greater number of members and coaches to benefit from the high class facilities available.

To provide a full time ‘core’ coaching team to enable the club to coach more children, and increase the reach of the club into the local community.

To work within the community to bring gymnastics to a broader spectrum of children and allow them to partake in a great fitness activity that has both physical and mental health benefits.


Regardless of age or ability, we believe the experience of learning the skills of gymnastics should be both fun and yet challenging, to enable children and adults alike to push themselves to learn new skills in a fun and friendly environment.


Eclipse Gymnastic Centre is focused on ensuring the atmosphere for learning and training is friendly and that everyone is welcome. We like to think of ourselves as a gymnastics family.


Eclipse Gymnastic Centre encourages and welcomes everyone into their family, there are no barriers including those based on culture, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, and disability. The facilities at EGC are fully inclusive for all needs that an individual may have.


250 King Edward St, Grimsby DN31, UK

01472 354359

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